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SME Excel is a division of LynxOr Global formed exclusively to empower British Small & Medium Sized Enterprices (SMEs) to succeed in the 21st century and beyond. Small businesses throughout the United Kingdom form the economic backbone of the economy, and are deserving of global recognition for their national economic output, job creation and local economic growth. 

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SME Excel has concluded, after an intensive study, that British SMEs, especially those in non-metropolitan centres, have significant under-recognised potential to positively impact their local economies as well as the national GDP. Empowering well managed businesses is great news for their owners, employees, communities and the nation.  SME Excel was formed to ensure all British SMEs benefit from the wealth of empowerment opportunities only normally available to larger companies, simply because they have the time and resources to research them.  Bringing together a full spectrum of professional service providers, business finance options, government support programmes, and supplies from across the United Kingdom, has enabled SME Excel to launch our world leading support service for British business owners.  Small businesses owners will have free access to our selected partners, for ever. We are able to commit to this due to our business model being funded exclusively from partner revenues, not from the small business community we are dedicated to empower.  SME Excel is this website that you should bookmark and refer to whenever you need empowerment tools for your businesses growth.

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SME Excel’s Empowerment Ethos

SME Excel’s ethos is to provide the best empowerment platform to grow British small and medium size businesses, enabling them to grow sustainability, ensuring both local community and national economic prosperity. 

SME Excel’s commitment to British businesses

SME Excel is committed to empowering sustainable growth and prosperity for British small and medium size businesses. We therefore are committed to ensuring access to our platform remains free for all business owners looking for valuable information, cost reduction, resources and solutions. 

SME Excel’s commitment to our Partners

SME Excel is committed to ensuring the delivery of high quality opportunities for our partners. Only companies who’ve asked to be refereed to our partner sectors will be referred in a fully GDPR compliment manner. 

SME Excel’s commitment to our Communities

SME Excel is committed to supporting our communities, the Third Sector, and charitable projects. To ensure the 160,000+ British charities benefit from the same high quality of offerings (open to charities) we are launching Charity Excel.

For all inquiries

SME Excel welcomes all enquires from small business owners and potential Partners, please contact us via our form on our contact page.

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