Empowering British SMEs to succeed in the 21st century

Welcome to LynxOr

SME Excel was designed by small business owners, for small business owners. Each of us knows the potential that our products and services have to make peoples lives easier, it’s often one of the reasons why we decided to become entrepreneurs in the first place.  Starting out in business is both demanding and extremely rewarding, and those two never truly come to an end for any business owners. Growing our business, increasing our sales and providing a high quality of service to our customers is at the centre of our working lives. SME Excel has brought together a suite of services, products and relationships to empower you to do what you do best – running your businesses.  SME Excel can support and empower your businesses success at every stage of growth. Our relationships have been exclusively secured to lower your overheads, increase your profits, lower your taxes, and overall grow your business… there is no cost in accessing SME Excel, and there never will be!  SME Excel is your business productivity partner for the 21st century.

SME Excel’s Empowerment Offering

Utilising SME Excel will empower your business to greatness by ensuring you have access to all opportunities capable of allowing you to grow your business to its full potential. 


Business Financing

Banks aren’t the only source of debt financing available to your business. Their is a wealth of other options, many of which might be more suitable to your business and yourself. Often these options are quicker to secure, more beneficial longterm for the growth of your business, and can be more cost effective.


Business Grants

Throughout the United Kingdom local councils, regions, devolved governments and the government of the United Kingdom offer grants to small business to empower their growth. Many small businesses are missing out on these simply because they aren’t aware of their existence. Ensure you take advantage of every opportunity afforded to you.


General overheads

Busy running your business and have a limited amount of time to allocate to reviewing your overhead costs? Most business owners would agree they haven’t reviewed their expenses in years. Simply reviewing your professional service providers, suppliers and other business costs has the potential to save you significantly. Empower your business by reducing your overheads.



All businesses require a full range of insurance services including business, public liability, health, buildings, and business continuity. Are you maximising the benefits, while reducing the costs? There’s a spectrum of opportunities to support your business, reducing overheads, and maximising profit. 



Every business owner knows the importance of ensuring their employees can use the state of the art equipment. Modern equipment can improve productivity, decrease maintenance issues (downtime), and increase your profit. Investing in new equipment can be tax efficient and be secured without significant (often no) upfront costs.



SMEs often assume making their business virtual will cost a small fortune, this isn’t the case. Opening your business to new customers, within your community, nationally and internationally is strength forward with the right support. Secure new clients and generate increased revenue starting in 2020.


Social & Digital Marketing

Promoting your business and it’s products / services online via Google (and other search engines), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is extremely cost effective. Are you taking advantage of all the routes available to you to generate new revenue? The internet isn’t going anywhere – ensure you’re business takes full advantage.


Research & Development

HMRC does not simply take money out of your business via corporate tax and VAT, they are also a valuable resource for small businesses to access funding to grow their businesses. Most British businesses undertake research and development in some form, though many won’t realise HMRC can lower your tax bill, provide rebates, and empower your growth.


Community Engagement

Business owners across the United Kingdom understand the importance of giving back to the community. Supporting local groups, National and international charities, and taking advantage of such things as the Armed Forces Covenant bring a wealth of advantages to not only the community, but also your business.

Our story

SME Excel is a division of LynxOr Global formed exclusively to empower British Small & Medium Sized Enterprices (SMEs) to succeed in the 21st century and beyond. Small businesses throughout the United Kingdom form the economic backbone of the economy, and are deserving of global recognition for their national economic output, job creation and local economic growth. 
SME Excel has concluded, after an intensive study, that British SMEs, especially those in non-metropolitan centres, have significant under-recognised potential to positively impact their local economies as well as the national GDP. Empowering well managed businesses is great news for their owners, employees, communities and the nation. 

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